MFA in Dance and Choreography, The Ohio State University, Columbus

BA in Music Composition, Earlham College, Indiana

IB Diploma in Theatre and Visual Arts, Li Po Chun-United World College of Hong Kong

1995: Tehran, Iran


History and Research wonderings:

After my experience as a student at United World College of Hong Kong, I accumulated a strong knowledge of physical theatre and its powers in human and inter-relational connectivity. During those two years, I was involved in community service projects through movement based activities such as Playback Therapeutic Theatre and Verbatim/Theatre for Change. Since then, I have been fascinated with movement as a abstract form of emotional, social, and political expression.

During my time as a Graduate student at OSU, I aim to explore effective and impactful choreographic choices. I want to investigate what movement aesthetics and forms, can best speak to the social and political messages that I want to communicate. I am interested in the relevance of my contemporary context in relationship to my contemporary movement.

In a globalized world, I seek to look for universal meanings and juxtapose differences together in the same instances of moving people. During this experience, I will question the influence of dance training as well as the lack of formal dance training as an opportunity for exploring different movement techniques and languages.
I look forward to integrating my previous experiences in music and visual arts with dance in the coming years.

Finally, as an Iranian, I want to help my Iranian audience find and reflect on their contemporary being in a different medium of expression.

©Bita Bell